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The School for the Future is a modern training ground for entrepreneurs and activists to learn the most sophisticated, high leverage tools for positive impact and to transform themselves so they can act more effectively.  In the near future, we are committed to becoming student, instructor, staff, and investor owned and governed.  Start here to learn more.

Launching Entrepreneurial Liberation: An Interview with Christopher Zobrist

On November 12, The School for the Future will be launching its pilot course Entrepreneurial Liberation: How to Transform your Life and World taught by serial social entrepreneur, startup advisor, and entrepreneurship scholar Christopher Zobrist. Scroll down to watch my interview with Christopher where we discuss the course and the field of social entrepreneurship in general.

The full description of the course, including cost and application, is on the course page.  We're hosting two info sessions for interested students on October 8 and October 29.

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0:58 The importance of listening to and cultivating your inner voice and deepest values

4:02 The right knowledge for entrepreneurs and innovators

5:35 What is contemplative practice and how meditation can help social entrepreneurs

10:46 Why Entrepreneurial Liberation trains many meditation practices

16:43 Rigorous application of the scientific method to social entrepreneurship

19:00 Entrepreneurship is a people game

20:58 Taking lean startup methodology too far

23:10 Effectual entrepreneurship: how expert entrepreneurs think

23:40 The School for the Future’s root value, and why innovation isn’t it

25:37 Effectuation makes entrepreneurial decision making simple

26:52 The innovation of combining meditation training with entrepreneurial mindset and techniques

30:00 How Entrepreneurial Liberation could influence where social entrepreneurship goes in the next 20 years

32:28 Making entrepreneurship a path for achieving self-liberation

33:20 Course logistics