Effective Campaign Design

The School for the Future's first activism course will be Effective Campaign Design,  facilitated by Roger Hallam, a veteran Wales- and London-based activist, Ph.D. student at King's College London studying the strategies of historical social change movements, and long-time social entrepreneur and organic farmer.

Over the past two years he and campaign co-organizers led the first successful rent strike in London in 30 years, compelled King's College to commit to fossil fuels divestment by 2020 after a campaign that lasted only 8 weeks, successfully contributed to moving the London School of Economics to bring their janitorial staff back in house after having outsourced them to a 3rd party company that treated the staff poorly, and are now running a London wide anti-air pollution campaign.

The tactics used to win these campaigns come significantly from Roger’s historical research and will be taught in Effective Activism. In this conversation Roger and I discuss the underlying ethos of effective activism, his relevant research and strategy, and the content of the course.

Zach Schlosser