The School for the Future

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The School for the Future is a modern training ground for entrepreneurs and activists to learn the most sophisticated, high leverage tools for positive impact and to transform themselves so they can act more effectively.  In the near future, we are committed to becoming student, instructor, staff, and investor owned and governed.  Start here to learn more.


The School for the Future is a 21st century training ground for social innovators. We train entrepreneurs, activists, and contemplatives in the most effective tools for transforming themselves and the world. Start here to learn more. 

Founder - Zach Schlosser

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I am a contemplative, entrepreneur, and lover of all deep and good things. As an undergraduate at Brown University, I concentrated on the theory and practice of Buddhist meditation and completed a six-month full time, solitary meditation retreat under the guidance of B. Alan Wallace. I've written and presented on the intersections of meditation and technology, process-philosophical approaches to reframing desire in contemplative practice to enhance social engagement, and am currently leading a multi-disciplinary research project on biomimetic approaches to digital technology design. I've been an educator and mentor for over 10 years, teaching meditation, self-development, and academic subjects in non-profits, churches, pain clinics,  prisons, and schools. I cofounded the leadership development technology company Numina, which uses the Numina app to guide individuals in companies through deep leadership development experiences, share these with their team, and train peer-coaching skills.  In addition to building The School for the Future I advise startups working at the intersections of technology, mindfulness, and health. Follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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