The School for the Future

The School for the Future is a 21st century training ground for social innovators. We train entrepreneurs, activists, and those pursuing self-development in the most effective tools for transforming themselves and the world. Start here to learn more. 




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Zach Schlosser

Zach is a contemplative, entrepreneur, and lover of all deep and good things. His meditation experience includes a six-month solitary retreat. He has written about the intersection of meditation and technology and how trusting desire can lead to more socially engaged practice. He has been an educator and mentor for over 10 years, teaching meditation and self-transformation to non-profit board members, churchgoers, chronic pain patients, prisoners, students, and startup founders. He cofounded the leadership development technology company Numina. Now, in addition to The School for the Future he is currently leading the Digital Naturalness Project, which designs digital technology that feels like nature. Follow him on Twitter.


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Bonnitta Roy

Bonnitta Roy is an award-winning philosopher, teacher, insight guide and international trainer focusing on building greater capacities for high performance teaming. She is the founder of Alderlore Insight Center and APP Associates.  She was awarded a Top Writer in Leadership on Medium. Her writing is focused on building organizations as open participatory structures and integrates neuropsychology, endurance sports training, and Tai-Chi with emergent themes in leadership, self-organization, and complexity science.

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Roger Hallam

Roger Hallam is an activist and social entrepreneur. He is a Ph.D. student at King's College London studying the design of digitally enhanced political resistance and empowerment strategies. He recently led the first successful rent strike London has seen in 30 years, compelled King's College to commit to fossil fuels divestment by 2020 in a campaign that lasted only 8 weeks and ended with his two-week hunger strike, contributed to the successful campaign to get the London School of Economics to commit to higher pay and better working conditions for their cleaning staff, and is now leading the Stop Killing Londoners anti-air pollution campaign. He is a founding member of the Radical Think Tank.

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Christopher Zobrist

Christopher Quang Zobrist has spent the last 15 years founding, advising, and mentoring hundreds of entrepreneurs and early stage startup teams. He has a strong interest in the intersection of mindfulness and startups, practices daily meditation and yoga, and has completed over 20 weeks of residential meditation retreat practice. Chris worked as a Program Design Consultant for the Innovation Partnerships Program, a collaboration between the Foreign Ministry of Finland and Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, and served as Deputy Director at the John von Neumann Institute at Vietnam National University. He graduated from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.