The School for the Future

Education for a more beautiful world

The School for the Future is a modern training ground for entrepreneurs and activists to learn the most sophisticated, high leverage tools for positive impact and to transform themselves so they can act more effectively.  In the near future, we are committed to becoming student, instructor, staff, and investor owned and governed.  Start here to learn more.


Along with building The School for the Future, we are also partnering with a filmmaker, businesses, academics, universities, students, and education reformers to create a documentary about the future of higher education. Our motivating question is:

Over the next few decades, higher education may face pressures it has never faced before: massive net job loss from automation, increased economic volatility from this loss of jobs, food insecurity and population pressures from climate change, ever higher income inequality, and students’ reconsideration of the value of college in the light of these challenges and the continually increasing cost of a college education. How will our systems of higher education adapt to serve the educational needs of people living and working in the the mid twenty-first century? What should college be in the future?

We have raised initial funding and are interested in talking to potential patrons and partners. Email if you would like to support the project.