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Social Innovation Training

Entrepreneurship + Activism + Self Transformation


Virtue and Value

A 6 Week Course to Launch or Grow Your Social Venture

Beginning soon, apply below...

  • Align your values, intentions, and actions

  • Make significant progress on your social venture

  • Learn and immediately apply the best entrepreneurial strategies/skills without getting overwhelmed by theory

  • Learn with other social entrepreneurs in an environment that emphasizes community, collaboration, and trust

  • Learn meditation techniques to help you focus, get more work done you care about, build partnerships, and enjoy launching your venture

  • Use the best of both rationality and intuition

  • Tuition: $450Limited scholarships and follow-on funding for participant ventures are available.



The average percentage of goals participants set and accomplished over the entire course. Individual participants ranged from 63% to 90%

Ali Ahmed - small.jpg

“The class kept me accountable to make… progress. This course introduces mindfulness as an essential component to entrepreneurship.
- Ali Ahmed, M.A. M.B.A., Founder of Citizen Chefs

Cindy Lynch - small.jpg

"I made huge strides on my AP online art business. [The] personal feedback on our progress was insightful and inspiring. The meditations were amazing. I have been recommending the course to friends."
- Cindy Lynch, Public School Art Teacher, Founder of iArt Academy

Joanna Grace Farmer.jpg

"Excellent feedback generated in an environment that helped us be candid and honest. The best feeling to describe my level of progress is accomplished."
- Joanna Grace Farmer, M.A., Founder of Building Community Capacity


Our Focus

We’re an applied-research learning community trying to have the biggest positive impact on the future that we can. Participants are starting businesses, organizing movements, and transforming themselves to be as fulfilled and effective as possible. We are particularly interested in:

  • distributed finance, governance, and infrastructure
  • community resilience
  • regenerative ecology and human/nature reintegration
  • existential risk/hope

If you are working outside these areas, we still welcome your participation. We assess course applications based on the expected positive impact of your projects. We also create courses to meet the needs of organizations and movements aligned with our broad ethical goals


Upcoming Courses


Effective Campaign Design

Launch your campaign, iterate quickly, and incorporate the results to improve your campaign's effectiveness. Inspire extensive collective responsibility and participation and agile decision making simultaneously.


Entrepreneurial Liberation

Take your venture further by applying leading entrepreneurship theory: effectual entrepreneurship, discovery skills, disruptive innovation, and design thinking. Develop concentration, positive emotions, and social virtues necessary for building healthy teams, partnerships, and sustainable, effective work habits.


Integral Phenomenology

Change your interior experience from neurotic responses that drive socially conventional behavior and self-referential motivations to enlightened modes that are post-conventional, compassionate, and open to more degrees of freedom.




With support from private individuals and organizational partners The School for the Future is producing a documentary on the future of higher education in the United States, asking how colleges and universities will respond to advanced automation, changing demographics, pressures from climate change, and rising education costs.

Podcast - Coming Soon

We will also launch a podcast series on the intersections of self development, social entrepreneurship, activism, intuition, rationality, public policy, and social, ecosystemic, and technological change. Our guiding question is how can individuals create as excellent a future as possible.

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