The School for the Future

The School for the Future is a modern training ground for entrepreneurs and activists to learn the most sophisticated, high leverage tools for positive impact and to transform themselves so they can act more effectively.  In the near future, we are committed to becoming student, instructor, staff, and investor owned and governed.  Start here to learn more.

Transformational Entrepreneurship

A 6 Week Course to Launch Your Social Venture

  • Make serious progress on your social venture
  • Learn some of the best entrepreneurial strategies/skills
  • Immediately apply these skills to your venture
  • Get advice from other social entrepreneurs in a collaborative environment
  • Learn meditation techniques to help you focus, get more work done that you care about, build partnerships, and seriously enjoy the process
  • Use the best of both rationality and intuition
Joanna Grace Farmer.jpg
"The best feeling to describe my level of progress is accomplished. There's a special kind of humble pride associated with knowing you have clarity about what you're doing and more faith in taking necessary steps to achieve your goals."
- Joanna Grace Farmer, M.A., Founder of Building Community Capacity